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Nastja – living on the streets

Nastia was sent to beg and not allowed to return home until she has enough money for her mother to by vodka. At about the same time as Mischa, Nastja starts living on the streets too, but she did not have the fortune to meet Larissa.

For over 10 years Nastja is now living on the street, she's drinking and sniffing glue. As a girl, it's twice as hard on the street. Winter in St. Petersburg is miserably cold and therefore she tries to reconcile with the mother. The last time they told her she could live in the hall, but had to pay half the rent and cook for herself. Since then, Nastia lives in a basement, along with five other boys and girls. For their support she begs and makes odd jobs. Again and again she is picked up by the police and during one of these encounters she meets "her" Lieutenant Colonel. Henceforth, he supplied them with money and food, and promises her a future apartment.