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Gardi Hutter - Swiss clown

At the World Parliament of Clowns Gardi Hutter meet the Upsala Circus and is excited about their show. A friendship develloped and eventually Gardi accepted the invitation to attend the circus in Staint Petersburg. She shows up at the Festival "Flying children" initiated by the Circus Upsala and teaches the children in master classes.

Originally himself a trained drama teacher, Gardi worked a half years in a former slum in Paris and took the initiative to build a theater in a youth club, similar to the commitment of Upsala.

Even today you can feel the social in her show. The figures are mostly geeks, people on the edge of the society that never have it easy and always have to fight for their survival.

"The show of Upsala Circus has a special power that touches a deep inside. This is about existence. Since it is not simply art, but these are proper survival strategies. And if you still know the background of the circus, it doubles this performance."
Gardi Hutter