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Igor – the freshman

Igor, is the „bad boy“ at the circus Upsala, He is new to it and generally could not integrate.Sometimes he is introverted and does not speak a word, sometimes he is aggressive and thrashes around. His whole body is covered with pustules that he scratches open. He often has to be taken out from the training because he provokes the other children so that they no longer want to train with him.

Igor lives with his six-member family in two rooms of a Kommunalka, a social community apartment he has to share with foreign families. The other rooms are occupied by multi-headed families, which all use the same kitchen and a tiny bathroom. Igor, just become a teenager: he skips school, has bad grades and is bullying his younger siblings at home. Several times he was arrested by the police on the street after midnight. In desperation, the overworked single mother seeks the help of Upsala and is thinking about putting Igor in a special boarding school, if the situation does not improve.


«It's because of the electricity. When I was small, I got into the electric socket.»

Igor, 11 years old.